My childhood friend Danny Macintosh had just called, the other D in our double act of “Drake and Danny on girl patrol” as we immaturely used to refer to ourselves,  fast forward to today and Danny whom had recently become a fully fledged finance banker and relocated to the fast paced world of central London was on route here for the weekend.  My chocolate mocha brother from another mother, my partner in illicit crimes, that one friend that even though you hadn’t corresponded by any form of communication despite the duration of time, Whether it had been a week, a month, or even years since you’d last spoken, nevertheless whenever you got together it was as though part of your beings just understood each other, that was me and Danny. We’d speak as though he’d never left, and we’d always laugh as though at any minute now the world was about to run out of jokes, truth be told I missed not having him around but true friends just wanted their nearest and dearest to be happy, and by all means Danny’s a very happy bachelor.  He’d always been a bit of a lady killer often sending me risqué pictures of a him and his latest conquest.  All too many times in the early days of my own relationship I’d have to suddenly pretend I’d dropped my phone or all to quickly stand up no matter where I happened to be situated or what activity I was partaking in to hide my phone screen from Sam my fiancé, upon opening a picture or video message from Danny, a message which content unknowingly to me consisted of a random naked woman posed in all sorts of positions being given Danny’s member during a sordid sexual escapade, but after years in a relationship me and Sam now look at them together and converse over the visual of the x-rated beauty being taken before us.  My fiancée Sam is bisexual, so it is, and always has been an in particular pleasure to hear her thoughts on other women’s disrobed bodies, yes of course I have friends that have there own interpretation or reaction to attractive women, but me, I could listen to Sam speak about other women’s assets all the live long day.  Sam had never been one for talking the talk without walking the even sexier sultry walk, we were only a few months into the relationship when Sam disclosed her sexual preferences to me, and of course I had no issues with my other half being interested in the fairer sex, after all I knew exactly why she too had an affinity for the seemingly boundless beauty that is woman, and due to our mutual lust for the female of the species, we have actually had quite a few angels threesomes, myself, Sam and a plus one of the two X chromosome variety.  I address the angel threesome like it’s a normal thing, I’m not one to kiss and tell but I did let out my secret to Danny and let’s just say Paul revere was quieter than our Danny boy.  I now have legendary status among the boys but if only they knew how Lucky I really had become, truth is I put in little to no ground work when it came to the enticing of female playmates, Sam has a way with women and once inebriated she did tend to get a tad overly touchy feely and highly seductive. We have and still do frequent bisexual bars and make it clear we are a couple by getting up close and personal on the dance floor, at times a little too personal because try as I may, the task of hiding an erection in jeans whilst your sumptuous better half grabs the attention of all within eye shot as she grinds away upon your noticeably hard now not so private area, bewitching those drawn to her infectious confidence and believe me, confidence has the power to be more of an allure than any aphrodisiac. I’d always leave the dance floor not long after enough attention had been possessed and placed on Sam, and without fail at least one unsuspecting female would be taken under Sam’s magical erotic trance. My caramel candy skin toned succubus would dance with her spell bound prey, embracing them seductively, whispering sweet something’s In their ears, then at some point Sam would point over to me and they’d join us, just like that.   I never asked Sam what it was exactly she said to convince these women to succumb to her carnal whim, all I knew was after Sam’s lips cast their magical words they’d join me and take their seats, Sam then calls upon Dutch courage and after a little light conversation before I know it Sam and our plus ones lips are locking and I’m deactivated the car alarm for some late menagerie.  Sams caramel candy complexion, her ability to hold such an hour glass figure, whilst still being curvy in all the perfect places, her elevated full rear end, her blessed wide full breasts are a true to life wonderland and for a dark chocolate fondant man such as myself, she is simply delectable, her captivating smile those black cherry red lips, cute button nose, hazel tinted eyes and full bodied long curly hair always seemed to have an affect on me and any spell bound female she seduced.   Alot these women didn’t even necessarily have to be bisexual but once under Sam’s influence they just wanted to be taken, their inhibitions hailed taxis and departed from their bodies, as they allowed themselves to be led down a sordid path of new naked adventure or simply dominated by by Sam, and Sam loved to be dominant with women . One of my fondest memories is of Sam straddling me reverse cow girl forcing a slender red headed woman by the name of Lisa to lick her wetness, whilst she slowly ground away on my thick member, Sam didn’t let Lisa up for air until reaching climax so hard and so vocally a neighbour started protesting the noise by banging on the wall furiously proclaiming ” some people have work in the morning! ” we put his outburst down to sexual frustration he’s actually extremely fond of me now, and I’m quite certain if my bedroom walls could talk he’d be definitley be their ghostwriter. So my legendary status is all down to Sam and our matching hunger for women and pushing sexual boundaries, so when it came too it I had no problem with showing her my closest friends activities, it was always in good fun and after twelve years together we three were very good friends anyway.

Later that night the door bell rang, it was at about 10pm, later then we’d expected but this was Danny, I could never be annoyed at him. We headed to the front door full of excitement for the weekend ahead, a Disaronno an coke in one hand for Danny and a mango mojito for myself, we were both smooth drinkers, which to us meant as long as it didn’t taste like alcohol it was good to go.  Sam followed closely so we could both greet Danny together, ” open the door people ” Danny shouted through the letter box ” party over here ” retorted Sam excitedly. I flung the door open and there was Danny or D-mac as we liked to call him, he stood there his stocky frame similar to mine suited and booted, his body shape working that black armarni suit his hair immaculately shaped up, his low wavy hair, his thick black eyebrows, dark brown eyes, full LL cool j lips and just a hint of soul patch for that worldly look, as Danny would put it. We had similar styles, I’m slightly taller, naturally stocky, wide expressive lighter brown eyes, broad nose and fuller lips than both Sam and Danny, in our hey day we were both serial lady killers, it was a wild time back then. Upon the door swinging open both I and Sam in our childlike joyful state yelled out in unison “Dannnny!” we all jumped around greeting each other like three long lost school girl friends,  i soon regained composure, ” come in man, here’s your drink ” I was more than happy to see my boy, Sam took Danny’s coat and hung it on the glazed oak bannister, adjacent to mahogany living room door, I then lead Danny to the chill out room, having no kids meant we had a few more creature comforts than most, Our chill out room had a bar and various types of class C green smokable plants, not to mention a couple flat screen TVs, cable television, games consoles and four large multicoloured bean bags, Sam and I are like new age hippies in our spare time. We all flung ourselves down on separate bean bags ” your a bit late D-mac, which lady kept you this time ?” Sam enquired, Danny smiled ” oh you guys know me to well, but honestly it was just a quickie Bj  a certain lady decide to try to use her feminine lusciously glossed charms on me and honestly I would of been longer but some people have too much teeth if you catch my drift “, we all burst out laughing, we could all attest to having the chompers catch us during oral sex at some point in life, but it was never a welcome feeling, not at all and after such attacks it was easy to feel the urge to want to get away. As we all sat and reminisced about what we’d been up too life wise, we spoke about how boring being and adult actually was the bills, the taxes the rat race. Danny then started the mischievous banter, reliving some of our latter day adventures, some things were off limits to some couples but not for me and Sam, though we didn’t like acknowledging at some point we weren’t part of each other’s lives, we respected each other’s selective fond memories. Danny started on ” remember that time Darnell meet that sales assistant that openly admitted to preferring group situations, but when we quizzed Darnell as to his intentions I.e to bring the boys in, he said no, and so the very next morning drake went to the shop this woman worked in and acquired said digits, the next day I got a phone call at work saying you and angelo were tag teaming this same sales assistant Naomi, and she had requested, in her own words “some extra dick”, I remember flying out at lunch time to get to yours, I still remember her green eyes wincing at me trying to concentrate on sucking my dick whilst you gave it too her deep and hard, spit roast style, she kept stopping as you were stroking her kitty so well that  I had to wait till she composed herself enough to get a good sucking motion going, Danny laughed “ah the good old days, we did have some memorable times bro”. Sam’s eye brows began to rise as a cheeky smile formed upon her pretty caramel face ” so can I ask you guys something”, Sam enquired , “yeah shoot” Danny replied ” so when you and drake and the boys were having you wicked way with this girl, what did you guys really and i mean really think of her ” Danny looked at me and said “drake this was your part, I know we see it the same way, but you always explained it better”. I passed Danny the class C roll up and sat up ” it’s like this baby, we weren’t the guys slandering women, we were the guys that wanted them to venture outside the box, we didn’t feel the need to judge them because they were horny just like us, to this day where is it written that because your a woman it means you can’t get freaky or have impure thoughts of simply wanting to be taken, in turn giving in to your true sexual urges, it’s like this, if I found out Danny had fivesome with five women at one time, he’d receive heroes status among the whole male population and we don’t even get penetrated, where is the logic there? “, with that me and Danny burst out laughing, Danny continued my initial reasoning ” look if the lady in question is still coherent after receiving five men’s truncheons, she! is the real legend, no double standards around here Madame”. Sams smile widened, she replied ” wow if all men thought that way, we ladies would be having some serious fun, and be highly sore in the process “, we all started laughing, I nearly feel off my bean bag due to Sams last comment. We were all now a little bit tipsy verging on worse for wear, It was definitely time for music, we had to find a way to awaken the lethargic spirit within us, I grabbed the wifi music remote and pressed play, slow jams started blaring out of the speakers, Sam shouted out ” boooooooo!………to slow ” I skipped the selections and decided to try the radio. I was now simply to tipsy to want to think, I figured if I continued to skip stations I’d find something tangible, just then some old jamaican reggae song started up, Sam jumped up and started whining her waist grinding the lucky air that surrounded her, I never missed a chance to get close to a sexy alcohol induced Sam, so I jumped up and stood in front of her, she stepped forward towards me positioning herself so one of my legs was in between both of hers and proceeded slowly grinding away upon my thigh to the music. Danny was dancing around us by now busting out some traditional Jamaican dance moves really feeling the Rhythm, his eyes closed and hands waved to the soul penetrating beat. Sam held me close and backed us both up until she was in between me and Danny, she raised one hand up behind Danny’s head and held it there, Sam then started to grind back on Danny whilst still grinding my upper thigh. The feel of her warmness on my thigh the heavy smoke in the air, the heightened sensations mixed with the zest of the suggestive music, created a Lust filled performance as she gyrated and grinded upon us both never missing a beat, lost in her illuminating element. I wasn’t even thinking about Sam grinding upon Danny until I glanced down to see the inevitable erection shape mass within Danny’s suit trousers, but at this point I truly didn’t care, inhibitions were lower so too mental awareness, we were having fun and I was in a slight drunken haze, my mindset was fuck it, it’s Friday night. The DJ started back in, droning over a perfectly good song, with the djs vocal intrusion Sam released us both and fell to the bean bag laughing ” you boys can dance though thats for sure” with that she then dragged herself quite gingerly up to standing position an headed out of the room. Danny and I exchanged a few more stories and couple of new dance moves a little further, but I soon realised Sam still hadn’t returned and it had been about 25 mins since she’d left. I lowered the music and told Danny to give me a second to check on Sam, I looked in the bathroom Sam wasn’t there, She actually wasn’t downstairs at all, eventually I found her upstairs In the bedroom in recovery mode laying on the bed. ” hey you, we’ve been waiting for ya ” Sam lay on her back , one hand resting on her forhead ” sorry babe I’m absolutely boiling hot , plus I was feeling a bit drunk but I’m good now,let me just change this dress and I’ll be straight down “, Sam got up off the bed and stood in front of the white and gold trimmed wardrobe and grabbed a change of dress, I stepped towards Sam to help her change she removed her dress over her head exposing her red and black laced lingerie, I could see her from the front through the mirror on the wardrobe door her corset embraced her chest tightly causing those breast to protrude half mooned over the top of the corset, so full and so round, I then looked down, her thong had mostly disappeared from the back, swallowed up by her succulent thick derrière, I had to grab a hold of that firm ass the impulse was all too much and Sam loved being taken ” mmmm mister what you doing Danny’s down stairs. At this point I recalled that group sex story Danny had told, the imagery I remembered really got my blood pumping to intimate parts of my anatomy, Just then Sam chimed in also coincidently referring to my past self and his indiscretions too “I’m slightly jealous that the Girl in the story got to have so much fun with you guys, though admittedly five would of been to much for me ” as soon as Sam mentioned her slight jealousy about previous group activities my mind instantly started creating visions of Sam partaking in extra dicks herself and now my own cock was rock hard with impure thoughts, just imagining her in that situation sent me into a deep wanton lust. My emotions had the best of me, I started to relay information from the wrong head, I grabbed Sam by the waist spun her around onto the to bed and bent her over, I slid her thong aside, bent down to a squat and lay my tongue on her heavens entrance parting those wet lips with my tongue, “mmmmm daddy ” Sam whispered, I flicked my tongue inside her slowly but strongly keeping my oral love muscle tensed infusing her pussy with my saliva and her own visual stickiness. After a moment I then stood up, held my now swollen thick chocolate member and guided myself inside of Sam nice and slowly, Sam released a low pitched gasp as I entered her Whilst holding the back of her neck down I firmly glued Sam to the bed, I then glided my thick dark chocolate dick inside her, deep and slow and held myself there ” oh fuck too deep ” Sam whispered in a hot and horny tone. At that point Danny turned up in the door way the bedroom door had not been closed. Sam went to launch herself forward for the bed covers, presumably to cover her modesty but I managed to use my strength and just held her right there by the waist on my now exposed glistening shaft, I sounded a ” shhhhhhhhh ” as quietly as possible, I calmed Sam with my tip still inside her but she turned her head away as to hide her face and her shock . I then turned to Danny and without a thought said ” Danny my boy time to strike up the band again “,Danny looked at me confused as if to say “are you sure?”, I simply gazed an nodded at Danny like a Latter day king giving the final signal for an execution. Sam then looked up at me as if I was crazy, I just gave her that Look, the look of dark lust and she knew I had entered sex phase def con one, ” oh shit ” she exclaimed, with that I continued to grind that sweet pussy and Sam followed my rhythm grinding and pushing back on my now tightly fitting overly hard love muscle, the thought of what was about to transpire had given me and extra solidity. I looked over to Danny, he now had dropped his shirt and trousers to the floor to reveal another thick, hard, black throbbing veiny member, he stroked his hardness as he watched on. I was now running on pure carnal adrenaline i thrusted into Sam deeply again and then appealed to her womanly need for sexual mental stimulation ” I know you’ve wondered about what dannys dick felt like, you’ve seen it so many times, and today you’ll finally find out “Sam exhaled loudly, and in true Sam fashion confidently replied ” I have daddy,mmmmm….. I thought about sitting your both down, oh god…………and sucking the brown off those big dicks “, Danny’s excitement forced him to chime in ” oh shit drake , you always said sam was a freak, mmmm and damn you know that’s the best kind of woman ” an with that Danny positioned himself In front of Sam’s face his thick seven inch truncheon lit up Sam’s eyes as she moaned against my still deep strokes, Danny leaned his lower half in front of Sams face, she leant forward and licked the length of his black dick ” Mmmmmmm ” Sam hummed the sweetest toned of hums. My strokes were now shallow but still slow I wanted to bare witness to all of this beautiful madness. Sam arched her back a little more as she held Danny’s cock at the base between her finger thumb, she then began circling the tip of his dick then engulfing the head completely and letting it go, she continued alternating between the two motions over and over again, ” oh wow” Danny whispered as his head tilted back and his eyes began close, in the silence all you could hear were the slurping sounds of Sam hungrily sucking away on Dannys hardness, my thrusts had almost stopped the urge to reach the mountain top had taken me over all to soon, the visual stimulation of my other half sucking away on my best friends dick had turned out to be all too much. As I continued to watch Danny’s pink headed dick now soaking with Sams saliva, disappear and reappear at Sams will, I battled through and gathered my wits as quickly as I could, Concentrating on what was happening and breaking it down to slow my own visual stimuli. ” I’ve never had it like this ” Danny murmured, at one point he smirked looking at me in ore and mouthed “oh my god ” sam’s skilful oral performance continued, Danny reached his hand down, and began squeezing and caressing Sams breast, with that she took him whole inside her mouth deep throating his chocolate dick, one of Danny’s knee buckled at the surprise consumption, he had to react “oh……………my……………….. life so silky, I………….I ………..don’t know how your doing this not even a hint of teeth, damn! so fucking smooth ” Sam chuckled a little all the while still sucking Danny’s love muscle with vigour, my tempo began to speed up, now matching Sam’s cock sucking rhythms.  Sam began to quietly moan, trying to concentrate on keeping Danny’s chocolate coloured erection within her mouth. ” that’s it baby suck that bad boy” I ushered her on . Danny visually shaken by the expertly performed lip lock Sam had on his now glistening dick, asked Sam to stop ” please, wow I really need to taste that pussy after that wow “.   I stood off the black and white floral designed bed sheets, next to the kingsized bed, as Sam positioned her self where i had been at the head of the bed. Danny knelt down and spread Sam’s legs, placed his hands beneath either of her thighs and reached his hands back up around Sams waist.  Guided tongue first he began to lick Sams delicious pussy, his tongue traced from Just above her clit over her swelling hood down across her love button, then down again just parting her lips as he circled her wet wanting hole. Sam grasped the sheets either side of her, her eyes firmly shut, her head turning slowly left to right with every slow up and down motion Danny performed ” Mmmmmmm” , ” oh god ” Sam whispered as her body began to rise and fall with every slow delicate lick, Danny then began to dart his tongue in and out of Sams wetness ” oh yes, that’s it mmmmmmmmm god “.   I watched on as Dannys head bobbed up and down tasting every drop of Sams caramel pussy, Danny’s hand reached up and began squeezing Sam’s Breast, one of Sams hands raised up to her forehead, she ran her hand through her hair gently squeezing away on head as though the sexual feeling had engulfed her brain and she was massaging the pleasurable ache. “Huh mmmmmmmmmm”, ohhhhhhhh” Sams legs began to tighten Danny shifted his head up guiding his Tongue to her clit, licking and circling her now soaked hot spot simultaneously.  I knew Sam was to about to cum, watching her writhe around grinding against Danny’s face was simply heavenly my beautiful woman being satisfied in front of my eyes only made cock stand to attention, as though he too was watching this live sensual act. ” Im gonna cum ” Sam whimpered , Danny began to let out sounds that sounded as though he was partaking in the most delicious meal he’d ever tasted ” mmmmmmm”, ” mmmmmmmmmm” Sam descended ” ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” ” mmmmmmmmmmmm” oh ………oh………oh garrrrrrrrrd ” and with that she tripped the light fantastic, jerking and shaking both hands squeezing against her cranium the waves of joy so delicious her hands where there just incase her mind exploded with orgasmic delight that was my interpretation of what I was witnessing, the naughtiness of this act with my best freind had pushed that sexual mental boundary, as Sam shook and trembled away I leant over and began kissing her neck Sam shouted  ” oh nooooo……… Please baby nooooo, the after shock set in the echoes of her release still lingered within her. I wanted more, more of the selfless pleasure, I wanted to Sam to get lost in lust, I knew she was in a slight sexual coma, cumming once was enough for Sam always had been, it seemed to drain her like a man so she always preferred to climax last, but at times I could rouse her to continue and today was one of those days I stroked Sams hair as I  handed Danny protection from the bedside table.  We’d spoken about a devils thressome and were always prepared for the day it arrived, I managed to get Sam up onto all fours ” oh god guys, damn ” that was mmmmmmmm ” Sam said whilst still grasping for air, I then positioned my self in front of Sam my hard pole pointing up at his target, never one to ignore a prompt, Sam took my black dick between her lips licking the tip, flicking and lapping away at the head of my tense black tool my hips jolted up of the bed my sensitivity was all too much ” no baby ” I knew I couldn’t take much more my mind was overrun with overwhelming sexual emotion. I stroked Sams hair as I noticed Danny lining him self up to enter Sam and just like that her guided himself in from behind, Sams neck extended, her eyes widened, her lips parted, and she exhaled sharply. In the mirror aligned with the side of the bed I could see Danny’s slow deep strokes, his chocolate rear sliding back and the gradually forth over and over Sam groaned with every stroke, she looked up at me, her eyes glazed with ecstasy, her soul elevated by lust, she broke eye contact and buried her head into my thigh squeezing one of her hands down my thigh as the strokes intensified, ” take all that dick baby ” my words of encouragement seem too extend Sams waves of bliss, she moaned harder ” I continued ” fill up that wet pussy baby” I stated to refer to her lover garden in the third person “I know she loves it I can hear her” literally I could hear the squelching and moistening in High definition ” you hear that baby ” Sam tried to respond ye………….ye…………ohhhhhh god “. Just then Danny stopped brought his feet up so they were flat on the bed and he assumed a slight squat resembling a jockey about to pick up speed, his dick angled downwards I could make out the white cream covering his thick cock. Sams grip on my leg tightened ” OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Danny went deep and stayed deep he switched from thrusting to rocking his hips at a steady pace, riding Sams wet slice of heaven, ” yes…….oh yes………right there, oh right there ” Sam bellowed, she looked up at me and said ” shit daddy it’s so good ” I smiled as her head dropped again ” get it baby “, ” get it “, ” cum all over that dick baby ” I was behind in my request Sam had already entered the second orgasmic wave, ” OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, hoooooooooo, oh fuuuuuuuck, ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccck” her body trembled again deeper more violently, Danny continued his speed increased ” oh damn here it cums ” and with that he pulled out of Sam, threw the condom to the floor and with a mighty groan released the sweet song that is climax in liquid form all over Sam’s lower back, stroking his dick continually, he too trembling in ecstasy as he squeezed away every last drop, Sam shook her ample booty as more visual stimulatin for Danny’s climax ” mmmmmmmmm wow drake……………. just wow Sam you are some kind of delicious ” I looked at Danny and said ” don’t I know it brother ” Sam fell to the bed stomach first laughing ” wow did we just…….. Really .  I reached for a towel to wipe off Sams back , I smiled at them both and said ” now I assume that’s what starting the weekend with a bang really means ” we all laughed and after cleaning ours selfs off and getting dressed we all meet downstairs and continued our drunken antics, drinking, smoking, and general madness, the whole situation felt so comfortable it was unreal and that weekend we had a literal blast. Since then though, as Danny doesn’t Live close and we can’t meet regularly, we make sure we catch up at least twice as year, and one of those times we book a hotel go away for the weekend to a secluded location and let’s just say we tire Sam out over and over again, tag team style. Danny’s bringing a lady friend next time, we’ve all been talking together the four of us skyping and flirting, she seems like a sweet woman and a she’s a squirter too, seems it’s going to get messy that’s for sure, after all these yeas it also seems we will continue to be partners in illicit crimes for a while longer, yours naughtily, Drake and the Danny, the D’s. 


Unwanted thoughts 

After speaking with a close friend, who once I revealed my writings too, then decided to confide in me about his urges I found it highly interesting and decided to put what he said into my own words so here are the thoughts of one man, through my eyes. 
Thoughts not my own 

After a lot of thinking and after querying both the male and female genders, I simply wanted to address natures affect on the brain sexually, namely when it comes to men and women with regards to the keeping of their member it lack there of said member within there pants, in no way am I here to condone what the majority of gentleman and some women around the world succumb too, but being a man myself I’m plagued with impure thoughts, none of my own forethought, none of them even warranted at the appropriate time, my mind constantly drifts away to sins of the flesh and in it’s purest form lust or in layman’s terms women everything that is Woman, who may be unawares to this themselves but women are mine and every heterosexual mans kryptonite, whether they are short, tall, Caucasian, Afro Caribbean, or of Asian decent even the blue scaly mystic of the much loved X-men series yes even mystic can become an object of my sexual constant erotic thoughts. I could easily unwontedly imagine mystic in certain sexual escapades, frankly if there’s anything I can find to be fond of a woman even if it it’s just one thing whether the woman’s blessed with beautiful bosoms or a derrière of my desired proportions, nice eyes, svelte or full lips anything I can find to certify them delicious. my mind will run with it I will now desire said selected beauty, imagining things they probably don’t partake of behind closed bedroom doors, that in my mind, I could imagine them doing and honestly I have no intention of finding out about the lady in question or to get to know her I just want to quench my mentally fuelled sexual appetite. I can appreciate the majority of females focus to go about there daily life’s thinking about much more meaningful and worthwhile things most of the time because all women are highly sexual even more the men but they are nurture and growth first and foremost, but I and those afflicted by this constant unwanted lust (men) unfortunately do not have the luxury of prolonged focus on meaningful and worthwhile things, I’m not mentally impaired nor am I in need of a sex therapist I’m just a man, I think sex, food, recreation i.e sport in my case football or whatever you niche is but I am consumed with thoughts of carnal desire, this is my everyday life and please don’t think me mad I must say I refer to my downtime thoughts or in-between tasks, yes I can function properly I can go to work take care of my children, cook, clean, set clothes to wash, and carry out my life’s responsibilities but in-between doing what I need to do the thoughts never leave me, whether a woman’s soft supple skin is on the T.V screen in high definition or I’m simply strolling to the corner shop and I spy the female form on the way, even the way certain animated female silhouettes are drawn can appeal to my wanting sexual nature, enticing the horny beast within to rear it’s ugly head (no pun intented) and then it’s up to me to lock the thoughts away or try to ignore the urge to eventually connect with another female simply to indulge and feed the lustful Goliath inside all men and to fight against the urge to act upon its guidance to go and find another mate to ravage and appease the burning desire inside with another unfortunate female who thinks I may want this to be more then sex when in actual fact mostly not at all. At times as soon as I have reached climax all sexual urges seem to dissipate, though I’m not proud of it Id gaze upon my latest conquest and wish to be anywhere else but here, I’m not a cold man nor am I a sociopath but NSA sex in the long run never works out at first it’s fun but we all require some substance or stand out trait to breach emotional defences, we have no control over our emotions so things that may begin as no strings attached will develop attaching strings without our knowledge an then complications will arise, especially if you know monogamy is not a friend of yours, I could rant all day about the minds involuntary thoughts, and as fun as sex can be, if I could not think about it, if I had the choice, I would definitely opt out of the constant lust the natural human instinct to pro create, but put simply and a fact we all love to hate, humans are not naturally monogamous so whether male or female unfortunately all haunted by mortality, and often using this as an excuse to seize the day or bosom in my case. We will succumb to urges, I have many a friend whom acquire multiple partners but none of them will ever come close to there actual other half. Facts are that if they actually lost the love of there life or significant other, they would crumble like volcanic ash, but they simply can’t fight the urges, facts are whether man or woman we will give in sometimes to the monster that is lust, because put simply the thoughts are not my own. 


Every so often since we signed up to swinglife, we’ve had meetings with a few other promiscuous couples or sometimes a lucky single male, for what we like to call “play time”. Which basically consists of a few drinks, a little conversation and a lot of sexual release. On a few occasions though, we have tried to lure the ever elusive single bisexual female into our play schedule but so far to no avail. My other half Shereen is bisexual, and though I’m not religious, I have prayed many a night for the ménage to find me. The meets we have are always memorable times , we both like to chat and we are both sexual deviants, admittedly I’m more of an open deviant then Shereen, she used to be so sweet and fairly innocent when we initially got together. We started of as acquaintances that would see each other through friends of relatives at say, New Years or birthdays, our correspondence started by me trying to hide my love of muscat which I held to ransom and wouldn’t let go of, whilst she sort after the same said drink, I tried to hide the tasty pink beverage, but with no luck she found it and our first conversation started there, not long after sharing a few jokes and literally a hand full of dates, we became a couple. Unfortunately monogamy has never truly sat right with me, I could always feel or should I say wanted there to be more too life sexually then met the eye or the penis so to speak. I had always been different sexually, I recall sharing one of my old girlfriends with a cousin of mine, and though it made no sense I loved every minute of it, watching another man, another hard dick glide in and out of her was simply sumptuous visual and mental stimulation. Im completely aware I don’t actually get anything out of having another guy seduce and have sex with my significant other but I fucking love it, I don’t know whether it’s the live porn aspect or just a simple perversion but its something that has never left me and in my alone time when the urge takes me and I grip my manhood for personal release and I’m ready to dispel my load I all to often mentally pictured Shereen being taken in front if me, made to submit to cock right there in front of me, as I witnessed her bliss from the other side of the carnal mantle. Those thoughts aroused me all too often, my member pulsed with longing more than I care to divulge and i wished to wonder no more. So one day whilst we sat watching a few porn clips, one showing an amateur house wife being coerced or more subtly, convinced into playing with a friend of her boyfriends. I jokingly suggested maybe we should partake of extra marital fun together ourselves, she wasn’t alarmed by the idea nor was she at all surprised she knew the devilish carnal thoughts I possessed. She admitted to fantasising about having two cocks to play with, those were her actual words and when she uttered those words it sent a shiver straight through my love muscle. After receiving the green light to explore my dirty mind, I wasted no time in finding suitable mates for us to de-robe. Skip forward to now and Shereen is still reserved and sweetly shy, that is until we get down to the good stuff of course and then Shereen’s alter ego presents her self and suddenly the air of smut seems to envelop her and she turns into the greedy vixen two point O, guzzling cock like a professional porn star. Bringing men to the edge, often much more quickly then they would like and as hard as it may be to fathom I loved watching every sordid minute of her possessed sexual state and long may it continue.
Every once in a while we liked to switch the carnal variables and rather than arrange a meet and sit with the butterfly’s and ever contrasting nerves in the upcoming days or hours before the liaison, I simply informed Shereen that this weekend we will meet but I don’t tell her which day or whom her next male consumption will be. Honestly the amount of times I’ve witnessed a male play mate have to step back and regroup from one of Shereen’s magnificent blowjobs or upon Shereen gliding back and forth upon there hard member, during a rousing doggy style, I just couldn’t count on my two hands!, some guys just couldn’t seem to keep up. This made even more humorous when they have those narcissistic, over self promoting profiles online, that always state that a woman’s world will commenced to be rocked by them and the marvellous specimen between there thighs, only to be found out that when it came down to it all the bravado is just talk and wobbly knees wilting under Shereen’s alter egos ever insatiable presence. I remember one gentleman simply couldn’t control himself, he simply couldn’t contend with the succulent wetness that is Shereen In full flow, he ejaculated after seconds, don’t get me wrong Shereen soon resuscitated his softness and he tried again and failed, and then again with the same outcome, thing was, he wasn’t long in the trouser department but the head of his penis was very large it resembled a slightly smaller but pink clementine, and Shereen’s pussy was wetly vocal with the few strokes she received. But try as he may he just couldn’t keep up, and yes Shereen was left a little frustrated, that night after he left I recall her saying ” oh man, I would of definitely come on that dick as well ” her sexual openness seemed to extended with every meet. I did hate when she was let down, but I also tried to get her to understand her skill set was that of a professional to me, like art to an artist and it would take a worthy opponent to keep up without giving in to what I liked to refer too as pure uncut pleasure.  
That week I had been surfing the swing life profiles trying to discover a worthy gentleman, not just worthy sexually but respectful too, there were too many jack the lads, too many cocky, inarticulate, too forward in approach men, who personally I could not understand why others would even contemplate allowing them to being lucky enough to grace their own naked bodies, but each to there own. I was no judge of character or sexually wants hypocrisy never suited me I was adventurous as they came. I always selected our playmate, I’d comb through naked pics and validations left by people they’d met too vet possible candidates. While browsing I came across a very interesting well spoken gentleman by the name of Jay he had 4 meets so far, two with two different couples and two with separate single females all of which fit certain criteria i looked out for in potential playmates. One validation read ” me Jay last night, ladies he’s a true gent, he and Brian got along like a house on fire and I, well I got on his lovely cock, after sitting them both down, alternating between, them sucking and drooling away on each of their sweet dicks, I bounced on them too looool,Jay is attentive, clean, sweet smelling, courteous and freaky in the bedroom, until next time handsome”. Keywords such as gentleman, attentive, clean, courteous and freaky were all words we loved to hear and read, so far so very good. Another of his validations read ” jay came to ours short notice last night, and what can I say, a pleasure as always 🙂 very suckible thick cock and knows how to treat a lady 😉 your a gentleman and a horny scholar, come back soon. Now I always try to keep in mind that no one leaves a negative validation for anyone, but certain topics had to be addressed for us, mentions of genitailia or requests of repeat performances were always a good sign and the fact that he already had a face picture helped proceedings go much smoother. Jay possessed deep aqua blue, confident reassuring eyes a full nicely shaped ear to ear complete Lumber jack like silky beard, a roman shaped nose, and thinly shaped blush coloured lips he had that half shaved hairstyle low round the back and sides but full and flowing on top. I could acknowledge a handsome man and I knew Shereen appreciated a well groomed gentleman, not too mention the thick sexual weapon he was blessed with between his legs. He was a slightly longer than the oh man would of came on that dick guy but his whole cock was equally wide probably the thickest to possibly grace our house if he past the checks of course. Jay was online there and then so I decided to make first contact, describing our needs and wants with face pictures attached and some risqué. Pictures of Shereen an then waited for him to get back to us. It took about ten minutes to receive his reply which read ” hey guys a pleasure to make your acquaintance, may I say Shereen is a delicious looking woman and it would be an honour to meet you both, I’m very flattered to have been approached, I’m free Saturday night and I understand your dos and don’ts, the spontaneous aspect is also a huge turn on, it was a pleasure to recieve your message your Mrs looks stunning, thanks again Jay”. We exchanged emails for a couple of hours after that, it’s was always best to try to establish some manly ground with the guy that would be intimately interacting with you significant other. Everything was now set up and hopefully Shereen was in for a thick treat this weekend.
Saturday night was now upon us, Shereen bathed in the rose scented water I had set for her. I did the same Friday night too, she isn’t supposed to know she’s getting ready for a meet, but to be fair most weekends she always dressed to impress irregardless of anything taking place, she always said she wanted to keep me happy and she never failed. I peeped in on her whilst she bathe her milky coffee coloured skin surrounded by white foam and tiny bubbles, her large round Breast with dark chocolate nipples erect and all too mouth watering. ” I can see you in the mirror you perv, pass me a towel please baby” her voice so seductive I was quite sure she must of had an inkling about my sordid plans. Shereen stood up, the water fell away drizzling down he body exposing her svelte lipped vagina with just a tuffed of hair strategically placed, another mouth watering sight for me but I could wait, as Jay would be here in half a hour or so. Shereen wrapped herself in the towel her long flowing black hair now wet and curly put up in another towel her deep honey brown eyes, smouldering above her dark freckled cheeks, her full perfect dark beige lips, her Nubian nose, I soaked in these wonderous features as I watched her high full rear, walk away draped in a towel, but still managing to hold my gaze with a delicious bounce as she glided into the bedroom. I watched on as she slid into her black corset shaped lingerie accompanied by a black jewel encrusted thong, I applied scented to cream her legs, fighting the hardness that sought me within my ever tightening Black jeans. Before I knew it the time was upon us, my phone vibrated a message appeared on the screen saying ” I’m outside mate ” I stared in the mirror into my own blue eyes, my pupils dilated at the mere thought of the visions that were about to appear in front of me. Shereen was still sat on the bed applying some unneeded make – up, I text Jay back to just knock the door, within what seemed like seconds the door knocked. Shereen looked up at me from our white Victorian four poster bed her hands clinched the purple satin sheets and said ” well who’s that then “, I smiled the devious smile that let her know it was that time. I told her to wait there while I answered the door, I opened it to Jay standing there in a body hugging T-shirt enhancing his slightly stocky frame he was a few inches shorter than me but those blue eyes and Viking styled beard gave him that modern man Look. We shook hands made introductions and without further a do I lead him upstairs.  
We entered the room and Shereen sat there still on the edge of the bed, her black satin kimono was still open revealing her breasts risen over her tight squeezing corset, ” hi I’m Shereen” she always Introduced herself a quick hug and then sat back down again the shy faze had begun, Shereen nodded at me our signal for instant play, I turned to Jay and said “get comfortable mate “. I then began undressing myself so he knew exactly what was going on. I had noticed a bulge had appeared within Jays jeans the growing cock outline was hard to miss, he took of his t-shirt then his jeans with his underwear and let his manhood hang, his thick seven inches pointing towards Shereen with hard throbbing purpose, he walked over to Shereen, who stood up to meet him and with that there lips connected as she rubbed her open palmed hand over my extending erection. Shereen sat back down and held jays cock at the base her fingers didn’t make it to her thumb , she looked up atJay and said ” Is all that for me ” and with that began to suck jays mini anaconda, with long slow strokes suckling his thickness into her mouth slowly forward, and then back ” oh fuck”, jay murmured as he inhaled deeply, the feeling of shereens warm mouth sliding back and forth around his cock was clearly intense, his grimacing face spoke of a thousand pleasures Shereen continued to feast upon jays dick, sucking and slurping, all the while stroking my now hard cock as I stood there jeans around my ankles. The erotic sounds of sheerens delicious mouth slurping away where like music to my ears, jay looked down at Shereen with wonderlust in his eyes which seem to widen every time Shereen took him as far as she could into her mouth. Sheeren picked up the pace started slobbering away faster slurping the life out of Jays now wet, glistening member, ” oh my fucking god ” Jay moaned in pleasure, a weird selection of words but understandable considering the hunger he was witnessing. Shereen pulled her head back I too stepped back out of Shereen’s grasp on my cock, she knelt back onto the bed positioned herself on her side and ushered jay foward, he too knelt on the bed Shereen again went back to sucking his swollen love muscle, playing with the head of his dick, licking, sucking even popping it out of her cheek a few times, each sexual sound, each moan jay produced simply validated my reasons for unleashing this sexy woman onto this carnal driven lifestyle. Jay pulled out of sheerens grasp and turned Shereen around laying her on back, he spread her legs and tongue first delved into Shereens wet wanting jewel box, he began to simultaneously lick and finger Her slowly. Sheerens head tilted back her forehead met the mattress, her eyes closed as she’s received jays literal slow tongue lashing, he buried his head even deeper between her legs, his tongue now flicking inside her ” yes oh yes, that’s it” Shereen looked at me, starred deep into my eyes “come here ” she whispered I knelt down onto the upper part of the bed in front of sheerens face, she ushered me in began sucking my overly excited throbbing member, stopping every now and again looking downwards to witness Jay indulging in her sweetness, each time speaking words of encouragement ” lick that pussy for me “, “oh get that tongue deep in there”. Not long after, Shereen pulled me closer by my t-shirt my ear by her wet dick soaked lips, ” I want it ” i told jay without haste, ” she’s ready when you are mate”, he didn’t need asking twice, he got up reached into the bowl of condoms tore one open and strapped up post haste. Shereen instantly got on all fours her derrière now perched in the air her head buried in my lap, Jay took up position behind her, sheerens head tilted up as he entered, ” ohhhhh garrrrrd ” Shereen whimpered, her eyes met mine again this time slightly squinted now taken over pure lust, mixed with sheer desire. I loved this sight, she was lost in sexual bliss and I was there to witness every second from the other side of the sexual spectrum, with every stroke her head made a motion, I egged Jay on ” go on get that sweet pussy” Shereen yelped out a strained ” yesss” I continued my smut driven taunts as jay grabbed a firm hold of sheerens ass cheeks, driving her onto his thick hard cock over and over again, I again taunted ” that’s it get that dick deep, go on baby take it all for daddy ” again Shereen obliged within a moan ” yessssss daddy oh yes ” Jay was in on the play, dirty talk rocked sheerens world, ” you like that big dick ” ” you gonna take all this inside you” he commanded, I chimed in ” you gonna be a bad girl, a nasty girl ” I could hear the squelching strokes of sheerens pussy her lady garden singing liquid songs of joy, squelch after squelch, moan after beautiful moan, I then whispered in her ears ” that pussies excited isn’t baby, she really likes that dick “, Shereen tried to reply “mmmm hmmm ” words had begun to deteriorate, Shereen was reduced to moans and hums her hands reached out around me griping the sheets either side of my waist, she tried to place my dick inside her mouth but gave up almost instantly as another stroke engulfed her body. Sheerens had never been one for the hard or rough show the lady who the boss was type of sex, she required methodical strokes, deep and steady a fact I relayed to jay during our conversations, I gave a tip other men didn’t receive, I wanted Shereen to be exposed and overcome with pleasure none of the usual banging away like a rabbit, and jay, he did just as I had told him. I stood up to witness these master strokes, watched as Jays covered cock would slide inside Shereen and come out drenched in white cream, her pussy foaming at the mouth with such joy it was all to clear too see. Shereen began pushing back on Jays cock her possessed state had heightened Jays creamy pole completely disappearing under shereen’s firm ass ” mmmmmmmm” again sheerens delight was vocally muffled but again she founds words ” oh shit, ohhhhhhh my “oh god, give it to me, give to me ” and with that her head curled up into her body her legs tried to stretch away from Jays dick but he pulled her back “ohhhhhhhhhhhh har har ” and with what seemed like and endless chorus of ” ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ” Shereen climaxed she came, she froze there hunched over moaning in ecstasy, she began literally shaking, stop, start, stop, start uncontrollable shaking, then suddenly it subsided. So cheekily I traced my hand down her back “nooooooo, noooooo please ” Shereen shook again like frost had taken her over, her whole body a quiver. She lunged forward off jays now wet creamy dripping shaft. ” fucking hell that was immense fucking amazing ” Jay couldn’t help comment on his experience he was still in the same position stuck in a haze. Shereen seemed to quickly regain composure, turned onto her side and said ” my turn “. She ushered jay to lie down as I passed him a new condom, before he put it on Shereen intervened ” I’m afraid I’m gonna need to suck that bad boy again ” and proceeded swiftly to suck Jays cock with an appreciative vigour ” your are killing me here ” Jay stressed under his breath, ” your so smooth, oh damn ” Jay cried out. I must admit I did know his beautiful torment, it was as though Shereen possessed no teeth when she got hold of an erect tool between her lips. Shereen chuckled as she sat up and slid the condom down onto Jays some how now even harder thick cock, Shereen straddled jay placed Him slowly inside her then bore down all her weight onto his thickness, Jays legs twitched his hands reached for his head and he held them there with disbelief written all over his face, Shereen began to roll her body up and down slow and steady then bouncing vigorously just a couple of times and then slow again repeating this mesmerising sequence over and over, I made my way behind Shereen to watch her rear work as her ass cheeks rose up and then dropped down engulfing jays swollen cock. Just as my imagination was getting lost in shereen’s mesmerising movements a sudden yell bellowed out ” aaaaarggggggggggghhhhhh, oh my god”, “oh fuuuuuck ” Shereen cut him off “thats right cum for me, cum hard don’t fight it” and that’s exactly what jay did, he came hard almost knocking the alarm clock of the bed stand, I’ve never seen a stranger cum so hard in our presence never, but Sheeren was basking in her power, still slowly bucking, and riding as his hardiness lost its life, forcing every drop out of Jays overwhelmed thickness, ” that’s it’ I’m getting it all out for you ” Shereen cockily said. Jay begged her to stop repeatedly saying he couldn’t take anymore Shereen let him off and fell back into my arms still glazed from the sex in the air, she turned to me and exclaimed ” did you enjoy that baby” I looked into my wife’s sexual glowing eyes and simply said ” oh hell yeah you just can’t beat spur of the moment. 

Quench the thirst

Oh universe in the long run what is it that happens to relationships in regards to bedroom activities?.  I’m aware that technically it’s not his fault, but for some reason my husbands sex drive is none existent, he seems to be the only man who has walked and still walks my hearts path but completely ignores my wet pussy road.  My bluntness derives from lack of sexual contact, internal frustration and the fact I can’t release this wanton, pent-up lust.  Now I know there’s plenty of men out there, that if were me would probably be thinking ” my wife never wants sex now it’s normal “.  So the position i find my self in is the inevitable one unsuccessful couples find themselves in, the thing is we aren’t unsuccessful not at all.  It’s been 9 years now and no, the sex was never consistent but always enough to keep the hunger at bay and keep me satisfied until our next sporadic encounter.  Fast forward to today and literally, we’ve done the heavenly deed twice a year for the last five years, initially I was overjoyed with the fact that love took centre stage in our relationship and knowing sex can change through communication and familiarity, I thought that maybe one day after our careers had settled and we’d built the life we both sort after, our sex life would soar like our professional life’s had, but no matter how many romantic dinners we had or how many surprise lingerie fashions shows I put on nor on the holidays we took it seemed my selection of bikinis and revealing swim suits did nothing to stir him, no matter what I did During any given day the night would end as always with a kiss goodnight and lights out.  At times the night would end with me waiting patiently till I hear his heavy breathing signalling he’d drifted of to sleep and then proceeding to pleasure myself as quietly as I could while he slept next to me.  I’m not really one to keep quiet about situations I’m unhappy about within my relationships and I did try to address no-dick gate with Will though I never called it that, but he told me it was simple, Will explained he had never had a high sex drive, he told me he was different sexually and explained he never insinuated a joy for large amounts of sex, he also said he was sorry but it wouldn’t change unless something drastic happened, I quizzed him as to what he meant by drastic, and he played it off as I thought he would, telling me it was just something people say when a change is asked of them but in a nutshell it was simple, this was him and I knew that and honestly I decided to be with him long ago in hope that things would change and after all of this I now realised how very wrong i turned out to be, but Will didn’t leave it there he turned to me with disgust woven into his tone and said ” quite frankly I couldn’t care less if you’re pleased sexual” and with that he walked out of the room.  Those comments shocked me to my core, I wasn’t disrespectful when I addressed the issues on my mind I simply tried to communicate my feelings Sensitively like I always did but Will had changed, those final comments stunned me to my very being.  Right there and then for me that was it, as far as I was concerned the lack of understanding he displayed towards me had shown me where we were now sexually.  I decided fuck it, I only live once and I don’t intend to hurt anyone but I needed some physical interaction, some sort of intimate attention and I don’t care how, all I knew is first chance I got I would  be seeking some long overdue dick.  Will travelled a lot for work so my next window would be this coming  weekend, he’d leave Saturday morning and be back by the same night so I had to work quickly, I didn’t want a meaningful meeting of minds I wanted meaningless passion, and I wanted it now.

That Saturday morning as Will got ready for work I watched my dark-haired, blue-eyed man, I spied his thick eyebrows his slender nose, five o’clock shadow and his full lips all encompassed in his skinny frame.  My non sexual husband got dressed, his unused member locked away beneath his boxers and then trousers, his little tight rear followed the same route.  In this moment I was still experiencing animatistic heat and I swear I could have taken him right there and then, but truth is I’d tried that before and I gotten the fixed response “come on babe don’t do this” there always seemed a weird aura about Will but I put that down to sheer ambition, that his career was his niche, work, work and just a little more work and of course his me time him and his man cave, or in normal terms the study,  but I knew all of this from day one so again I couldn’t argue with what was set in stone, then whilst stuck in thought Will kissed me said his goodbyes and left.  As soon as he pulled out of the drive I hopped on the internet like a teenager spying their celebrity idols breaking news, I logged in to freindwork, Scrolled through old messages from my admirers, when I say admirers they were men I had never met looking at my pictures and proceeding to send me messages declaring how nice my breast looked or if I need a friend they were here for me there were to many crazy messages to read, but me, I was looking for one in particular, Aaron black, my old flame, now by old flame in actual fact we had nothing in common, nothing but passion, not love, not even movie genre, just pure unfiltered lust in the bedroom.  He contacted me numerous times, no matter how time passed he always spared a thought for me, not sure from which head the thought sprang from but which ever head it was he never forgot me.  The last message was sent to me two months ago, it read ” hey their baby girl, you know I never forget you, I know we are both involved but you know we had that spark and no matter how I try I never forget us, so again if you ever feel the urge to see me, my number is “.  He sent similar messages to me every now and again, all with his number attached and yes I would reply sometimes, never in a Crude way just a “Hi” and thanks for the message but today, well today I needed him not all of him but there was a certain part of his anatomy I desperately sort after.  So with no hesitation I reached for my phone, dialled his number into the message editor and simply wrote ” its Valerie can you talk ” almost instantly I received a reply ” wow Val I’m free to talk right now yes, Mrs and the boys just left for the cinema, how are you, you know I’ve thought of that delicious body of yours on numerous occasions ” he knew why I contacted him we always knew why, even though  it had been 9 years away I still felt as though I could be this person with him I couldn’t be with Will or anyone else I’d meet in this lifetime.  My thought process kick back in, I wanted a naked companion not conversation, so I became colder, eyes firmly on the hard on the prize, I simply couldn’t wait any longer I texted back ” Aaron can you come and see me I won’t keep you long but I’d love you inside me right now” I put it in layman’s terms I didn’t want to waste time not today.  Almost as instant as the first Aaron replied ” where are you I have about two hours to spare but I can make this happen to see you ” it turned out Aaron only lived a few miles from me so I sent him my address and quickly hopped in the shower, as I showered I recalled the first days of Aaron, I remembered  my parents being so annoyed at me when they caught me holding hands with a black man, but that only fuelled the fire inside me, even then Aaron was a stocky guy his shaven low-cut hair style I could see clear as day his honey brown, golden speckled eyes, his thick kissable lips his strong thick thighs and of course his thick cock, it wasn’t long slightly above average in length but his girth was perfect for my slender frame.  I found myself analysing my choice, staring in the mirror as the soap ran down my fair skin, down my pert breast gliding further down across my erect pink nipples then Lower down across my toned stomach and above my wetness I stared into my own green eyes, glanced at my long straight ginger hair, which I always described as strawberry blonde, I gazed at my narrow nose and slim svelte lips and I realised I  wasn’t at all fazed by what I was about to do I stepped out my terracotta bathroom and slipped in to my black dressing gown.  As I entered the bedroom my phone vibrated on the bed, I received a text saying “outside”, my love canal tightened almost jumped she was as nervous as me, I text back “doors open” and waiting on the stairs.   Aaron came through the double doors and stood there in his blue jeans and black polo shirt looking a very sweet treat indeed, he tried to speak ” how are ” I cut him off with an abrupt “upstairs ” I went into my bedroom turned up the TV just incase the nosey neighbours got to inquisitive and stood at the side of my red satin sheet covered king-sized bed,  Aaron entered the room he could see by the look in my eyes this was strictly business, he looked into my eyes undid his belt and dropped his jeans he ushered me towards him kissed me deep and forced me to my knees, I loved being  the submissive at times and I didn’t hesitate for a second I put as much of his flaccid dick into my mouth as I could, I felt him begin to grow, felt his member pulse inside my mouth.  I could feel my pussy begin to well up with the juices of days gone by, i tended to his dick as though it was my last meal, I slurped away on his chocolate covered girth, my head bobbing continually back and forth, back and forth my hunger was on full display and  I wanted Aaron to feel it, I’d missed this feeling, his warmness inside my mouth drove me crazy, again my hunger excelled.  Aaron’s hand squeezed my shoulder I guess like me he was sexually starved that signal meant slow down but I wasn’t in that mood I turned him around pushed him onto the bed knelt down clasping his cock in Between my breast, then began to lick the shaft of his thickness whilst massaging his now wet cock, up and down, with my saliva covered  breasts.  I looked on as his eyes rolled back in his head, oh my god I was so enjoying this release I was even doing things I’d never done before, just then he pulled me up from my knees towards him,  I was now pussy down over his face he head jolted up to meet my wanting wet lips , the surge of sexual energy I felt when his tongue and face connected with my juices was simply orgasmic, Will never did this, ever.  Aaron reached up, grabbed and squeezed my breast, I couldn’t help rock back and forth on his face it was so fucking good his tongue darted around my clit slowly then fast the combination of the alternating speeds were simply too much, luckily for me he raised me up so he could put his talented tongue inside me I gripped his hands and squeezed my breast even tighter. I’m in sexual heaven I looked behind me at the mirror my behind riding his chin I was getting close to my peak when he stopped and rolled me onto the bed I lay flat on my back legs spread ready for that thick dick, Aaron rolled down his protection effortlessly over his hard cock which was now conveniently directed at me, he pulled my legs towards him used his finger to make a spin around gesture, I eagerly obliged.  I assumed the position, my eager pussy spun around to reveal my firm behind, he stepped forward and the head of his dick gently pushed inside me I yelped out” oh god “Aaron knew me, he slid his thickness in and out of me slow. The bed was slightly lower than normal and I could hear  my squelching pussy, my front wall being rubbed was all too much and oh shit this is beautiful, I tried my hardest to fight the urge to cum, he stepped back so just the tip of his black love muscle was inside me, he began quick short strokes I was now not one with this world, the feeling was simply too much, again I spoke went I didn’t want too ” oh shit hmmmm, hmmmm, oh fuck” Aaron knew exactly what he was doing with that he filled me up again slowly stroking my now submissive pussy.  At this point, right now, I was a Slave to his dick and I did not care ,  Aaron upped the tempo hardened his strokes and that was it for me, I curled my head until my chin touched my chest extended my arms and I let beautiful glory find me, I came like I couldn’t recollect.  The feeling engulfed my whole body and I let it all out ” Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh! ” oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”,  bliss found me and I welcomed him with open arms and with that I slumped to the bed in a glorious haze, Aaron stared  at me still rubbing his protected dick, I was still there in  the dying embers sexual joy, still craving lust “come on my face” I exclaimed, I said  those words with conviction I was as he was thick.  Aaron smiled at me, mounted the bed over my face rubbing his cock as I licked the head of this pleasure-giving member and before I knew it my face was warm with Aaron’s love juice all over my lips, nose and even my left eye and I basked there for a few moments the sweet relief I craved had found me like a long-lost soul, and my how I missed her but with that my mission was complete.  I got up cleaned my face and saw Aaron out,  I was well and truly satisfied and the rest of my day I spent  with my girls and got lost in life’s finer things.

Later in the evening Will text me to say he’d be home when I got back.  Normally I go home in the early hours but today I decided to leave right away, I had been a bad good girl in such a good way but still I thought I’d go home and curl up with him after my pleasurable indiscretions.  When I arrived home I couldn’t see Will he loved his study and when he was in there I never bothered him, a room full of sports memorabilia never appealed to me.  He even had it sound proofed for poker nights and football with the lads so he wouldn’t know I was back, I thought back to the fact I’d been in that study on four separate occasions in the time we’d lived here.  I went upstairs to the bedroom I guess when he’s done he’d  be happy to find me at home waiting for him, as I got undressed I noticed a wire caught sticking out of the top Corner of the walk-in closet door, intrigued I opened the door followed this wire to the top of the closet, the wires ended above the door behind the fitted lights, it’s was Wills side of the room as I had a room all of my own for all my cherished things, but I’d never seen that before i remembered getting the closet put and up behind the lights was perfect , I stepped out of the closet and looked at the lights, the light the wires fed into was different it had four black screws instead of 3 but the forth black screw wasn’t like the others it was flat with a glare, I found it a little weird to be honest so I thought I would go to the study and find out why these new wires were there and what work had been done without my knowledge. The study was At the back of the house.  I made my way to the door and knocked but no reply, I barged in to find Will on the settee situated facing away from me i noticed Will had his head phones on his right shoulder moving up and down vigorously, as I edged closer I noticed he was in front of his laptop screen watching porn, I focused my vision and there I was bent over being given the all thickness I had received earlier that day, at first my heart dropped, panick set in a thousand torrid thoughts flew around my mind but as I began to freak out Will began to talk, he was their stroking his dick encouraging my actions, unbeknownst to him I watched on as he sat there spectating, enjoying, commenting ” go on baby get that dick”, ” oh go on take it all ” Will had oils and lubricants all over the table, a wide draw in the custom table was still open filled to the brim with masturbational aids, enough lubes and Vaseline’s for a month of sex club events.  I knew his niche now, understood his agenda, even read about it guys who prefer the lack of intimacy so masturbation was there sexual vice but the recordings and the fact he didn’t mind I got pleasure else where were new to me but  with that I backed out of the room as quietly as I could.  Since that day Will has never confronted me with his evidence, but he has been so much more loving, we’ve even renewed our vows, and as for my sexual hunger.  I’ve seen Aaron a fair few times since that day, at my house, In my bedroom and well, let’s just say, When I need too I always quench the thirst.


Don’t you just hate, when reality strikes and you realise just how superficial you really are. I always prided myself on being a well rounded person, I was sure I knew myself, sure I was good people. But whilst sitting at home next to this aesthetically pleasing woman, it dawned on me, it wasn’t true. Facts were, apart from the way she looked she was as a dull as a broken light bulb. Yes she turned heads everywhere she went, she was a dancer, her body flawless in proportions, her heritage adding to the illusion. She was of Jamaican Irish descent which meant she possessed a fawn, yellowy brown skin tone long black flowing naturally glossy hair, big brown eyes illuminated with golds flecks, a straight pointed tip nose, and those Angelina Jolie shaped silvery moon coloured lips she was a sight to behold, but she possessed little substance. We had attended the same yoga class, I was one of two men doing the same class and then one day as we were leaving, she asked me, I mean she physically came over and asked me, if I wanted to go for a coffee and we’ve been together ever since. It’s been a year and half since then, we’ve had our horny honey moon period it came and went with the wind, at first she was very open,even talked to me about previous female lovers which only heightened my superficial reasons for staying with her. Over time she became distant and we often sat in silence doing some sort of individual vice. Inside of the bedroom she was a bore, she couldn’t ride a bike let alone a dick, we hardly kissed, her oral skills non existent, I had to insert myself into her mouth and face fuck her to emulate a blow-job, she came quickly and apart from sounds, her body was almost motionless during intercourse, but I ignored all these sexual and intellectual flaws because I always came back to the same vein conclusion. Where would I find a woman as hot as this one?. I mean how fickle am I?, this woman could hardly spell, her world views began and ended with whatever hash-tag was trending on twitter at the time, and she judged people more then the crown courts. She wasn’t the same on the inside as her outside portrayed, and I was getting bored I felt we both were, we even considered bringing a plus one into our bedroom, something I was eager to try but none of us ever tried to complete the task. That morning I left for work, I was the general manager of a high end patisserie. We had the head pastry chef, who worked with 2 other chefs, and me and 3 others that were front of house. The shop is my baby and I wanted to interact with the customers, my philosophy is great food and even better service made for a great business. Today I was front of house with Sara and Jay. Jay was a portly, blue eyed balding man, a cleanly shaven chubby delight, our customers adored him and he adored them and also closing time. We only kept certain products till the next day the rest of which went to charity twice a week but mainly to Jay, well at least he knew the products. Sara was half black and half white, her dark brown hair, always back in thick plaited pony tail, her eyes are brown mixed with traces of green an instant pull for admirers, all set of by brown freckles on her slender cheeks, her straight nose and full magenta rose lips. She was very slim, her tiny breast and pert rear were still predominate features though. She too was a customers delight, apart from her constant trips to the bathroom, she was customer service gold, she trained as a veterinarian at nights too, she’s jewel in the shops crown. She was also a good friend, now I know it isn’t the done thing to make friends with employees, but she was always so forth coming so warm and very friendly, so in time we would confide in each other, even have the odd drink after shift. That night during the close down clean up, it was just me and Sara. I had finished downstairs, I just had to wait for Sara to complete the upstairs and that was it. I waited for Sara but she was taking forever, so I decided to speed up the process and go up and assist her, I reached the top of the stairs, it was clean, just needed mopping, the mop was ready In front of the toilet door, but no Sara. As usual she was once again in the toilets, so I waited for her too exit, seconds later she opened up the internal door and saw me through he circle window of he external door, she rushed out and apologised for taking so long. I smiled at her and said ” Sara your a great employee, I want you to know that, but what’s with the constant bathroom trips”, she looked down at her feet and then looked at me as if she was buying time trying too create something believable ” er it’s just the vets clinic, checking information on some of my cases” she murmured. I wasn’t having that at all, but I didn’t push it, I said ” OK you don’t have to tell me but please address the toilet situation, its your only discerning trait”. I told her to finish and I headed downstairs to the office to close the day. It wasn’t long till I heard a knock at the office door, I ushered for Sara to come inside. I thought she’d be gone by now, she had her own shop keys so could of easily just left. She closed the door behind her and said ” look Wes if I tell you the real reason for my toilet trips do you promise not to judge me” I looked at Sara and smiled I said ” look Sara there are, all to many people in this world that judge people hastily without knowing anyone’s real story, I tend to leave the judging to them”. My father was a good man but when he fell on hard times he reactions too finding things hard was to turn to crack cocaine, everyone deals with life differently, I loved him, I knew him, but he made his path and not everyone’s as fortunate as others. I have no idea where he is now one day he left my mother an that was that. I’ve had people tell me they’ve seem him, but I haven’t seen him or heard from him for years, I wasn’t happy he left my mother but I never judged him, as I didn’t know his plight, his inner torment, his cross to bare. I explains to Sara that she knew me, and by now, after 6 years working together, it was for her to decide whether or not to trust me. Sara paused for a brief moment took a deep breathe and said ” OK then we are friends so here goes, I’m not really a vet, in my spare time I’m an escort”. Now as I said I didn’t judge but the subject of sex was always high on my agenda, and I found myself fascinated by her past time. I said ” wow fair enough, do you enjoy that line of work”, Sara sat on the empty chair by the office door, she explained that like any job it had it’s good times and bad times, but it kept her rent paid and gave her a better quality of life. She told me about some of the men she’d met, young, old, the women and the couples too. I was enthralled in tales of financed sexual adventures, she described one booking that entailed her walking all over a male clients genitals whilst wearing stilettos, another one, a regular, she only spoke too while he rubbed his baby oiled, lubed up dick, he didn’t want to be touched. My favourite story though was the horny husband, supplying his wife with a female playmate for the night whilst he sat in the corner masturbating. Listening to those stories got my juices flowing and brought an idea into my mind. I told Sara about my relationship problems, and the fact that we had spoken about getting a plus one, Sara suggested maybe she could join us, free of charge she joked and as long as I didn’t divulge her secret. I needed Clarissa to be on board first which I couldn’t see as challenge, so I set about asking her that night. It was no surprise that Clarissa agreed to the idea she seemed quite excited, but she had one stipulation. she wanted to meet Sara first, so the next night I told her to meet me after we closed up at work, and we could make introductions and take it from there. The whole day I was like a child waiting for Christmas, the possibility of entering into a threesome with two women was all I could think about, an actual dream becoming reality, I simply couldn’t comprehend it. I was deluded with grandeur but I loved it. The time soon came around, I let Clarissa in whilst I tended to the downstairs seating area, Sara was upstairs cleaning. Clarissa sat down in the front window area, as I eagerly awaited their interactions, before I knew it and in record time Sara made her way downstairs. Almost instantly Clarissa sent a confirmation wink my way, as the anticipation built. I could feel my stomach doing a little turn happiness. I gestured for Sara to come over, I made the introductions, Sara and Clarissa hugged, a lingering hug, a sort of engaging there bodies, testing the waters type of embrace. I could feel a twitch in my trousers a heat simmering in my loins. In my mind I was trying to keep cool thinking to myself ” down boy, easy we’re nearly there, this is really happening, just stay cool”. At this point I Created a reason to head back to the office, I needed to regroup, redirect my thoughts and try and ease my oncoming hardness. Upon my return Sara and Clarissa were getting along like old school friends, as I approached the table Clarissa looked up at me smiling and said ” Sara’s gonna come back to ours for a few drinks Hun “. My mind was in overdrive I was so excited on the inside but tried my hardest not to let it show. Before I knew it we were leaving the shop, with Sara in her car, following us back to ours. The whole journey I was consumed by excited nervousness, but it was going to take more than that to ruin my night. As we walked towards the red front door, along the front garden path, Sara commented on one of Clarissa’s ample assets saying ” wow that’s a big ass you have there ” Clarissa looked back over her shoulder at Sara and replied ” why yes it is, as you know I dance and these days big booty’s are all the range my dear, but I assure you it feels even better then it looks ” Sara took that as an invitation and placed both hands on Marissa’s ample behind lifting, squeezing and caressing both cheeks. I watched on in lust as Sara continued ” mmmmmmm that’s one juicy ass girl ” and gave it a spank, the sound of that spank sent shivers through my body my animal instincts were in full flow and I couldn’t wait to get these two inside. I opened the black wooden door to my city abode, number 69 a lucky cliche I guess. My front door is situated opposite the long brown oak stair case, my wallpaper, maroon red at the top and black at the bottom with a gold border across the middle, lit up by the crystal chandelier above the beginning of the Stair case. I ushered the ladies into the front room. All of the downstairs decor was the same matching colour scheme. The front room had cream carpet, a black 3 piece lazy boy suite, a glass table in front of the three seater in the centre of the room, a mounted 50 inch LCD TV, and of course the in house bar, fully equipped with all the popular bar drinks, with a few of my very own choice wine selections. Our bar always seem to be the favoured destination among a lot of our friends. Clarissa shouted ” drinks! ” and shimmied over to the bar, as I took the coats and Sara made her self comfortable on the black three seater. Three JD and cokes were the order of the day, Clarissa put them on a tray, and brought them over to the table, I instantly downed my drink nerves were upon me. I made my self comfortable on the right side of Sara, Clarissa sat on the left. I leant forward to put my glass back on the Table, only to lean back and catch Sara and Clarissa in a sensual clinch, slow French kissing followed by lingering pecks and back to slow kissing, I could see tongues embrace, Sara’s hand found it’s way underneath Clarissa’s belly top gently caressing and squeezing Clarissa’s breasts. I was in sexual ore the world around me ceased to exist my universe consisted only of these two women and of course me. As Sara’s hand slide down from under Clarissa’s top, and down into her leggings, her legs parted instantly, Clarissa bit her lip gently and let out a groan of delight. I watched on as Sara’s hand rubbed away beneath the Lycra material covering Clarissa’s slice of heaven, they kissed deeper, passion had gripped them both, Clarissa began grinding against Sara’s hand navigated by each rubbing motion. Clarissa’s top half suddenly lunged forward ” wait wait”, she begged, she gazed into Sara’s eyes and exhaled saying “mmmmmmm let’s take this up stairs, your so naughty” Clarissa grabbed my hand and then Sara’s and led us up the cream carpeted stairs to the bedroom. Clarissa sat on the edge of the king sized, cherry red, silk sheeted bed, I sat next to her. Clarissa placed her arms around Sara’s waist and pulled her on top of her as she fell back on to the bed. The Passionate embrace continued, I watched on as Clarissa’s hand slid up Beneath Sara’s vest top and undid her bra. Sara now straddling Clarissa in a cowgirl position sat up and took of her top and bra at the same time, allowing her pert breast to show, Clarissa reached for them instantly groping and kneading, using her elbows to prop herself up so she could suckle on a mouthful of breast, slowly licking and kissing Sara’s now visibly aroused nipples. All the while her head being held by Sara’s hand encouraging Clarissa to take more of the now moist breasts into her mouth. Sara released her grip on Clarissa’s head and stood up to the side of the bed, kicking off her shoes and taking off her black leggings and matching black thong. My dick was as hard as a rock I had no choice but to rub myself over my trousers, Sara looked at me an smiled as I admired her slight frame and her slim perfectly shaped derrière. Sara undressed Clarissa who now lay flat on her back, she reached down and began to rub Clarissas now wet pussy, again inserting the tip of her finger whilst never breaking eye contact,”mmmmmmm yes that’s it ” Clarissa purred, Sara’s finger went deeper became more wet the deeper she stroked, Clarissa legs began to rise her legs spread wide taking Sara’s finger in as deep as she could. Clarissa’s hand came down and began to rub her swollen now protruding clitoris, but Sara’s hand stopped hers she said ” no that’s my job. Sara knelt down on the bed in between Clarissa’s legs, her whole mouth engulfed Clarissa pussy, Clarissa called out to the heavens ” oh god ” as Sara began to flick her tongue slowly in out of Clarissa’s wetness. Sara’s rear was there up in the air right in front of me. I needed no invitation, my head jolted forward like a python going in for the kill, my tongue slipped inside her silky pussy, her slim frame exposed all of her glistening love garden. Her back arched down slightly as My tongue glided inside of her, Sara’s moans were muffled by Clarissa’s pussy which Sara was still feasting upon. I continued licking that pussy getting her nice and juicy and well lubricated, I reached into my pocket for protection. I couldn’t see enough from where I was and with Sara’s pert rear still in the air rocking back and forth as she continued to make Clarissa moan in ecstasy, I knew doggy style was in order, I stood up flung of my trousers in haste strapped up my throbbing cock and entered Sara’s glistening pussy. ” oh god ” another set of muffled words but this time as I stroked Sara’s tight soaking field of dreams slowly in then out, in then slowly out. I could see Clarissa hands, her fingers between the mattress and the bed head, clinging on whilst writhing and moaning with her thighs now wrapped around Sara’s head. At first I could only go at a snails pace my senses were over run with the visions before me, I could feel my lust juices begin to flow. Sara possessed a small red devil tattoo in small of her back I looked down focused on the tattoo and began hitting Sara’s pussy deep, stroking at a moderate speed. I could hear her wetness flowing, Sara moaned with every struck, her head bobbing around licking away at the wanting pussy before her, I gripped Sara’s waste slapped her skinny behind” go on eat that pussy” I was in my element my speed increased as I barked obscenitys ” that pussy taste good Sara huh” mm,hmm mm,hmm” her muffled responses interrupted by slurping and sucking sounds. I picked up the pace not so deep but slightly faster going deeper every now and again to let her know there was more dick where that came from. I could feel Sara’s hand on my thigh squeezing me when I was too deep, but I didn’t let up. “no oh no ” I could just about make out Sara’s words ” I’m,I’m ” she said kept saying it over and over again suddenly her pussy tightened around my hardness, she seem to bare down slightly ” ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh”, liquids drenched my stomach I could see beads of liquid flying around me a few hit my face, Sara came hard and long her head up still squirting all over me. Clarissa rubbed her breast watching on as Sara came all over my dick, Sara’s body seemed to calm down she’d released her liquid orgasm and came back down to her reality. I stepped back out of Sara my cock still hard but drenched in liquid lust I slapped that firm rear again smiling, thinking, damn that was hot, nothing like confirmation of a lady climaxing, my stomach area had experienced that for the first time and I loved it. As I stood to the side too watch a lithe more of the show, Sara’s head went back in for so more of Clarissa’s sweet pussy, this time making circles with her head I couldn’t see Clarissa’s clit at all as Sara had clasped her lips firmly around, completely in her mouth the circles got faster, I watched on as Clarissa’s breathing amplified. Her chest rose and fell at pace her back arch to the skies and with that, Clarissa came ” y-y-y-e-e-e-e-s-s-s oh oh oh ” I could of swore she wasn’t breathing properly the way she groaned wasn’t normal and it definitely wasn’t English her words were jumbled, her thighs shook as her hands covered her face as she groaned her way through the little death. She gradually came back down to reality but Sara continued to lick” no,no, no more, no more ” Clarissa tried to compose her self whilst grinning from ear to ear. “Your turn ” Clarissa rolled over and made space for Sara to lie down next to her, Clarissa and then traced her tongue down across Sara’s breast, down across her stomach and then down in between her legs. Again another sweet gluteus took the air Clarissa’s was thicker, rounder, and firmer I threw off my protection and walked around behind my woman. I slipped my self inside her, I knew Clarissa couldn’t handle all of me, my dick wasn’t the biggest but she always had trouble with deep penetration. I looked on as I shallow stroked Clarissa’s still drenched pussy, but I soon realised Clarissa wasn’t that bisexual after all her oral technique was embarrassing, as bad as it was with a me, her eyes closed licking away pointlessly at Sara’s tender butterfly. At one point me and Sara made eye contact and she simply shook her head, not maliciously more feeling sorry for Clarissa’s poor attempts at returning the favour. A few moments past, these lacklustre strokes always bored me after a while with Clarissa. It was then that Sara ushered Clarissa up towards her she didn’t say anything but they lay there kissing and fondling each other as I watched on, I smiled as I took in the live porn, chuckled to myself thinking I actually did it, two woman at once I literally felt like twice the man. Despite Clarissa’s poor show I was on cloud forty-eight, a major fantasy of mine had been lived, I felt like a very lucky man indeed. After that night, I beat my fickleness and eventually sent Clarissa packing. Me and Sara are still good friends, friend with benefits that is, I even go along with her on escort bookings now and again, if she needs the couple on couple experience for clients. It’s been a wild ride but I’ll tell you about that another time. But for now I’m actually very good, I’m dating and I’m happy, and too think it all started that night.©

I’ve been gone too long

Good morning world, firstly may I thank those who read my sporadic stories, I wish I was more consistent and truthfully I have tried to be, but at times life gets in the way, it’s amazing how many things we plan in our minds, but life’s seem to have other ideas continually throwing you off course. But somehow I always find my way back to my writing, and at the moment it’s seems like there’s clear skies ahead, which means for me their are many erotic ideas, And tantalising twist and turns to come. So just like in life I go again, my fingers aching to go an my mind ready unleash my lust filled visions. So come with me, step inside my mind and if there’s a subject or a kink you would love to see explored in my visions, please feel free to comment, thanks again for viewing my work, it’s the little things that mean so much. I have never had a class in writing nor any form
of education at all when it comes to literature, but I hope you enjoy my rustic words, and just know I appreciate you all more then you’ll ever know.


There was a knock on my door, now when I say knock, I actually mean an attack on my front door. It was as though, my front door was being sworn into to a street gang by a group of other doors via group beat down. I flew out of my bed, it being 9 o’clock in the morning the person or persons on the other side of the door were going to get both proverbial barrels and my back up pistol. I was so incensed at the early morning wake up call, I didn’t even bother to get dressed. I had on my boxer shorts and my socks and right now I truly didn’t care. The door attack continued the volume rising, my anger also began to rise with every step i took towards the door. I fussed with the latch shouted, ” I’m coming, just hold on for god sake”, when I was calm this latch was easy but the adrenalin had been released and I was far to enraged to be logical right now. I finally undid the latch and the locks, I flung open the door. Only to be greeted by my land lord and his, let’s say high maintenance bitch of a wife. My landlord was of Sikh heritage, I would of guessed he was in his early fifties, he wore a navy blue turban, he had side burns that grew into his stylish perfectly trimmed beard accompanied by a sharp box goatee his moustache had more volume and was slightly curved at the ends his dark brown eyes normally reassuring and calm but they didn’t seem so happy today. His wife, well she forever wore fur coats she hardly ever spoke, she too was of Asian descent. She didn’t look a day over 40, she had a dark brown skin tone, beautiful Pure hazel eyes, perfectly shaped eye brows, accompanied by fire red lipstick. Her demeanour made her ugly in my eyes, to me she was the purest form of snub, her nose always turned up ready to degrade you in an instant. ” Good morning Mr Devlin I trust you know why we’re here” said Del. I knew why, I was 2 months behind on the rent, but honestly the formal introduction had worried me because I knew they meant business. I’d already seen them evict Gladys from number 4 down the hall, she was 67 and fell on hard times, something to do with a lost pension and a failed building society. That didn’t stop them though private land lords are harsh it’s all about the bank balance and if we don’t pay there’s always someone who will. I said “Look Del I’ll get the money to you I promise, I just need a little time we’ve been here before and I always deliver, don’t I?, Del couldn’t of been his real name I assumed he was some sort of wheeler dealer a money man. Del just looked at me his wife standing behind him, urged him on with a slight nudge from her shoulder to his, ” tell him darling “, she said this with such glee in her eyes. I was used to her ways though I’d lived here for 5 years and she gave me more evil glances than a black man at a Bnp meeting. Del looked at me his lips curved to one side, one eye slightly closed the other firmly focused on me he said ” sorry Michael you’ve got till Friday” and with that they turned and just walked away. I was in shock, just like that my world began to suffocate me, there was no remorse shown from Del, this just wasn’t like him. It was Saturday morning and I had to find £980 in 7 days. I yelled at them ” C’mon Del!, it’s me Mikey, at least two weeks tops please mate “. Del paused still facing away from me, I could see his wife whispering something to him, then he replied ” sorry Mikey but I have other possible tenants and there willing to pay in advance, I just can’t help you this time” and then they turned the corner and disappeared. I was in a state of disbelief, Del wasn’t like this normally his was a working class guy made good, I could always talk to him he was a good man. Whilst in confused thought, my phone sounded I got a text from Michelle i read ” hey sexy I’d love to come round and sit on your gorgeous face again xoxo” I wasn’t in the mood, imagine me, a singleton turning down sex. Michelle was my long term friend with benefits. We met when I was about 20, she was 18 at the time and already in a relationship but that didn’t stop us though, no matter how much time we spent apart, no matter who we were with, we always found a way to share naked moments together. We were sexual soul mates, Michelle’s sexual talents knew no end. I snapped back to reality, i began looking around my apartment and getting nostalgic about the good times I’ve had here. I remember Michelle dating one my friends and him turning up at mine unexpectedly. I recalled standing at the living room window holding it open telling him I had the dreaded flu, whilst Michelle was below the window sill sucking the life out of my dick, my knees nearly buckled a couple of times she really turned on the cock sucking charms that day. I remember her saying the thought of getting caught made her extremely moist, ah good times. I snapped out of my erotic flashback looked at the window and just smiled, but I needed to get serious, Time to call in a few favours.

That week I tried every avenue I could source, my Mother, my brother even my grandma whom I hated asking for money. As she already did a lot for her 28 year old baby. It was Wednesday and I had acquired half of the money by now but time wasn’t on my side, I had to dig deeper. I had friends i still hadn’t tried but really didn’t want to let them know about monetary issues, but the facts were I had no choice. I had been a bouncer at several nightclubs around the city since I was 19 to be exact my stocky stature had pushed my uncle to pay for my my security training and badges. And since he was a promoter at the time and now owned his own club I had a job for life thing is I’d just returned from a months holiday in Jamaica. I got sick out there and had too use a lot of my money including my savings to pay the extortionate doctors. I would of course get the money back but I was still waiting for it to be processed. I picked up the phone and started scrolling through my contacts. Working on the club scene I knew a few characters some acquaintances some true friends, and those were who I needed today. I scrolled down to Roxy, Roxy was a high end call girl with a soft spot for me, we get along because I don’t judge her and in return she doesn’t judge me. Again she was a friend with benefits, oh so many benefits but that’s another story. I hadn’t seen her for a while but I knew she’d answer my calls. I clicked on her name and the phone started ringing. She answered ” oh so you haven’t forgot me Michs ” she forever called me Michs but to be honest I kind of liked it. I replied ” Roxy babe, I know, I know, I’ve Been a little distant, but I’m in a little spot of bother, rent wise babe ” Roxy said ” oh so only when you need something, nah I’m kidding bab you know I’ve got your back how much do you need and what’s it worth” now Roxy wasn’t talking about sex just sometime spent together one on one, me and her whether it was a day out or sitting home watching DVDs binge drinking with various fast foods. Sex was her job and yeah sometimes she required real emotion sexually, but other times just to be treated like a human being. Excitedly I said “four hundred and eighty quid babe, I got till Friday or I’m out but you know about Jamaica right ” Roxy replied ” shit Hun I’m in London right now I’m not back till Monday latest this guy wanted the full VIP girlfriend package he paid me four grand in cash, it’s easy money his got a small todger and likes me to fuck him in the bottom with a strap on, I haven’t been penetrated all week but thing is I can’t get the money too you babe, I mean not before Friday”. I put on a brave tone of voice ” no worries babe, I’ll come and find you Monday yeah ” we said our goodbyes an I put the phone down slumped into my chair and started thinking about where I was going to go, Del wouldn’t wait to Monday, well should I say Dels missus wouldn’t wait till Monday. I was down and out all I could do was sigh and wait for the inevitable. The door knocked and it was Tony from down stairs. There were only 6 flats in this building of maisonettes so I knew most of the tenants an being a security guard standing at 6’2 naturally stocky, my thick arms and legs and gym toned physique seem to put the neighbours at ease whenever they had any bother they came to me. I answered the door ” alright tone” tony looked a bit startled he was a short fella looked about 43, he had the Danny de Vito thing going on the balding ponytail look, a chubby round face, the double chin, and thick lense glasses he was wearing one of those Adidas track suits black with the blue lines, his thick pimp like good chain was visible just above the black vest he wore under the zipped up halfway track suit top. Tony said ” Have you heard Michael” I looked at tony confused ” heard what mate ” tony continued “it’s Del his had a stroke, right now it’s critical, I heard you and him talking the other day about the rent just thought I’d let you know”.. I thanked tony for the information and sent him on his way. Admittedly my first thought was of Dels health but those thoughts soon change too, do i still need the rent by friday or would this mean more time for me to get the money together. Maybe it wasnt going to be all doom and gloom after all, Michelle did say she’d be back by monday.

Friday came and i literally spent most of the day by the front bay window, Being on the second floor overlooking the car park made for a great vantage point. Only thing was everytime i saw a black car coming up the road my stomach dropped, plagued with thoughts that somehow suddenly Del would be fine and i’d soon find myself looking for other accomodation. Day eventually turned to night its had just gone 7pm i thought to myself i must be out of the woods by now. Today was officially the longest day i had ever been through, By now i had moved from the window to laying on the settee, i looked around my white walled apartment decorated by pictures of my many sun laden holidays. My cream three seater was dead centre in the room, just left of the bay window, my cream rug leading to the black T.V stand, my beautiful surround sound set-up and my 42 inch LED T.V. I lay there thinking about how much i loved this flat and that from now on after the travel insurance had paid up i wouldnt be behind on the rent ever again. I stood up and crossed the small hallway and walked into the bathroom i looked into the mirror, it had been a trying few days i had develpoed small bags under my now weary brown eyes and full eyebrows, my five o’clock shadow prominent, my slender lips slightly dry and my short hair hadnt been seen too for days, lucky for me i had hardly any hair on he sides so i could just swish the fuller top part to look more presentable. All i knew right now was that i needed a long good nights sleep. Bang!, bang!, bang! that was the door, my stomach dropped for what seemed like the seventh time today. I looked up to the ceiling as though it was the sky or i had some sought of invisble guardian angel, i shook my head and whispered to myself and what ever higher powers i was summoning ” please not now”. I got to the front door and looked through the key hole, i could see a knee length Red fur coat, dark brown skin, red heels and again the fire red lipstick. Oh shit it was Mrs kaur Dels wife, i cursed my luck in silence. I opened the door and before i could speak i was cut of ” the rent Mr Devlin” i said ” look i only have half right now but i can promise you the rest by Monday, please come on Mrs kaur” i tried to redirect the converstaion ” hows Del my thoughts are with you and your family at this time “. Mrs kaur simply side stepped me and walked through into my living room, i swung the front door shut And quickly followed in after her. I found her sat on my settee just sitting there in my space. I stood up infront of the window just to the side of her, she looked at me with the usual venom and said ” not my problem Mr Devlin you knew the agreement and you are in breach of this i will send around Sid and the boys to remove you in the morning”. I knew Sid and his gang and didnt want any of fuss and sure as hell didnt want to mess with those guys at all. I was under pressure and i could feel myself slowly buckling beneath it, i had nothing to lose and i told this arrogant woman some home truths ” you’ve never liked me, never, always looking down on me as if i were dirt on you high heels, all im asking is a couple days thats all, why are you so hell bent on getting me kicked out, at least try and have a heart”, she smiled, a patronising kind of smirk she wasnt even looking at me. I walked in front of her eyeline and stood directly infront of her again i spoke in frustration ” are you enjoying this, you want me to beg or something, please i just need a few more days. This time she actually looked at me, the cheek of this woman sitting in my chair in my space and ignoring me, she parted her lips and said ” you want more time” and with that she stood up and dropped her fur coat to the floor.

She wore nothing beneath that fur coat, her brown skin exposed for me to witness all her glory and lord have mercy she did look glorious. Her flawless dark skin, her full large succulent breats, her caramel coloured areolas, a perfect scuplted torso, a definition line running down her toned stomach, she wore a red circle shaped stomach ring, she stood with her legs apart just a tuft of hair on her shaven slender lipped love garden, her thick athletic thighs so defined so golden brown. I could now feel all my blood heading for my loins and my once slumbering cock began to awake. She sat back down on the settee, spread her legs and stared at me as if to say ” you know what to do ” I fell to my knees like i was in a church at the altar desperate for forgiveness, i shuffled myself closer, her hand reached out and grabbed the back of neck forcing my face into her moist wanting pussy, i managed to unleash my tongue as my face met her sweet smelling shaven haven, cocount i could smell coconut, ” you want to stay here you have to earn it “she said ” lick my pussy show me how much you want to stay, i instantly turned into a pussy licking beast, as if my only purpose on this earth at this point was to suckle and feast upon this delicious arrogant woman. She contiued her demands between moans ” mmmm thats right lick that pussy, fucking lick every inch, ohhhhhh fuck yeah you want to stay here you gotta pay this pussy in kind”, I began licking her inside out literally, then flicking my tongue inbetween her choclate star and her moist entrance then again back to dipping my tongue in and out of her getting as much of my tongue inside her as i could with every tongue stroke. Again she was vocal ” oooooooo yeah suck that pussy, mmmmmm suck it, come on, spit on it!, go on spit on it!, i duly obliged. By now both of her hands were around the back of my neck her legs up in the air, whilst she continued to suffocate me with her drenched succulent pussy. I moved my body to the side slightly, i now had my head tilted sideways engulfing each of her swollen lips in saliva my chin was a flow with the sweet elixir that is juicy wet pussy, she grabbed the sides of my head and began almost motor booting her pussy with my face, i had to pull back to grab a breath, just then she realeased my head. i looked up face awash with her elixir and my saliva, she smiled looking at the liquids dripping from my face she said ” mmmmm your a hungry one, obedient with it as well”. Her demeanour returned to dominant instantly ” now i want to ride that dick, go get protection” she odered. I was in a daze as i rushed to the bedroom grabbed a few condoms and pretty much sprinted back to recieve more orders. What was this? i couldnt stand this woman let alone had i ever been subject to being some sort of obiding sex slave. But the real question was why did i love this being so submissive?. I entered the living she was standing there rubbing her pussy staring at me. ” sit down now ” she was so calm but the look in her eyes i can only describe as cold, pure sexual deviance. I sat down as told too, she knelt down at speed instantly we were face to face she grabbed a handful of my t-shirt around the collar, she said ” now unzip your jeans” i again followed orders my cock sprung out of my jeans like a jack in a box, ready to recieve this beautiful punishment, she grabbed a condom of me and ripped it open with her tongue an then rolled it down my dick and mounted my hardness letting out moan as i heard the squelching of my entrance inside of her, she sat as high up on my dick as she could taking all of it in not wasting an inch. She pulled me close so my head was buried in breasts and began to ride, ” oh yes thats exactly what i need, gimme that dick ” she ranted, rode me slow, i could feel her gripping my dick squeezing it as she came down upon it, she had muscles everywhere. She began to speed up all the while still verbally attacking me “mmmm so you are good for something, oh shit thats some good dick, mamas gonna need to cum on that” With that she bared down i didnt even know she could get any deeper on to my dick. I fought with the heighten senses sensations were over whelming, she was riding my dick like it owed her money and it did, honestly i wasnt sure i was going to make it i feel myself slipping to point of no return with every heavenly grind. All of asudden she grabbed my neck and began to strangle me with one hand ” im coming im coming held me close, squeezed tight and just began to judder ” thats it oooooooooooooooooo” she let out one last moan then she was silent still shaking on top of me as though she had extreme winter chills. she suddenly released me from her bossom pushed me back into the settee, got up put her fur coat back on grabbed the money of the table looked at me and smiled and said ” dont worry Mr devlin, ill put you down as settled up and with that she walked out the door. I looked around i felt excitedly violated i hadnt even come but i was a glow with sexual confusion, what exaclty had just happened? was this for real? all i did know was now,on the rent i was paid in full.©